Meantime Browser Plugin

Bias Detection

See an accurate picture of the world you inhabit by using our browser plugin to detect bias in any article you read and to see articles with a different bias on the same story. What makes our plugin different is that it doesn't rely on Ad-Hominem bias detection. It analyses each article individually without using the publishers aggregate bias to inform the decision.

Weekly Emails

To show your patterns in your browsing habits, we send you a weekly email letting you know how biased your media consumption is on aggregate. We’ll expose facts that have been proven false since you read a certain article online and will be able to provide information on trends in the articles you prefer to read (e.g. Opinion or Conspiracy).

Fact Checks

We want you to be confident that the articles you are reading are accurate. We automatically fact-check every article and highlight both the true and false aspects. You can then click on the highlighted sections to see what the dispute is, which organisation disputes it and why.

Reporting Facts

If you see something you know to be false in an article, you can highlight the text and report the fact as either correct or incorrect. We look into each claim in an open and transparent way by posting our findings on a reddit thread that we will share with you and which you can follow.

Error Reporting

If you disagree with our analysis on any articles you can submit error reports directly to us using the browser plugin. We welcome feedback on our browser plugin to ensure our system is outputting the best service possible.