About Meantime.

Meantime was founded in 2019 with a
mission to make society stronger through
debiased information.

Will Sackfield \ Founder

Will Sackfield leads the vision and software development efforts at Meantime. He was a VP at Sotheby’s working on the future of auctioning as a full stack engineer. Previously he lead iOS development, and several original features at Spotify. He also applied machine learning to detect hate speech within podcasts.

Tristan Jehan \ Advisor

Tristan Jehan is currently helping a few tech startups while building his own. He was Director of Research at Spotify where he cultivated new technologies, next-generation features and business opportunities. He was Chief Science Officer and co-founder of the music intelligence company The Echo Nest that was acquired by Spotify to establish a new global standard in music personalization. He earned a doctorate in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT.

Miia Liusaari \ Designer

Miia Liusaari is a Designer, Strategist & MSc in Health Sciences. Currently the owner of coomet.co, where she helps companies across various industries with branding, product design, illustrations, animations and audio.